The mobile sprinkling fan SXYDS-1.25PW

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The mobile sprinkling fan SXYDS-1.25PWZhejiang sanxin technology Co., Ltd.

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~3~380V 50Hz three-phase four-wire system ( customizable )





Quantity of Water of Spraying



1.Temperature Reduction:To lower the temperature by spray-decalescence all around.It is mainly used in oudoor activities, factory shops, stations, gyms,farms and so on.

2.Humidification: Particles of centrifugal-spray are very small and well-distributed, it shows us a pretty good wetting effect.It is mainly used in textile factories,carton plants,chemical works, parks, flower gardens and so on.

3.Dust Elimination:lt is easily to combine spray molecules and dust so that we could make the dust heavier and down the dust. lt is mainly used in factory shops, sandstone factories,cement plants,coal mines, storehouses and soon.

4.Disinfection:User just put liquid medicine into water tank, then the atomization-plate will make liquid medicine into spray.Spray can be spread all around.It is mainly used in farms,zoos, garbage collection station, stations, foodstuffs factories,public places and soon.

5.Peculiar Smell Elimination:User just put perfume or deodorant into water tank then machine will make it into spray.Spray molecules will take away the peculiar smell. lt is mainly used in workshops, malls,chemical works,plastics factories.

6.Electrostatic prevention:Spray could make air wetter to prevent the is mainly used in electronic equipment factories,plastic - sheet factories,chemical fibre factories and so on.